Frequently Asked Questions

Do businesses know exactly who has submitted each review? No. The business only gets the REVIEW and the Customer's USERNAME (which can be whatever the Customer specifies and can be changed at any time). The business does NOT get the Customer's email address.

Is it possible to NOT get a coupon for a review? Yes. In rare and extreme instances (threats, abuse) the Business can FLAG a review. In such cases, the customer would NOT receive a coupon for that review.

Is there an IOS or Android app for BizReVu? No. The website is mobile optimized. So just use your smartphone's browser. Save an icon to your homescreen, if you wish.

I need help creating a Vendor Account...

How to create a VENDOR account

Getting started with 3 easy steps

Creating a VENDOR Account will require you to supply an account username (the name of your business), your email address (which you will need to confirm), a password, and info about your business location.

Step 1 requires your Business Name. If you have multiple locations or plan to have additional business locations, add enough info in the Business Name to help a customer know which site they are reviewing. A brief description of the main focus of your business will also be required. You will need to enter your email address twice (to assure against typos) and agree to the Terms of Use/Service.

Step 2 will ask for a CODE that will have been emailed to the email address that you submitted in the previous step. This is to assure that the email address is legit (and that it is yours) and to confirm that it is not already in use on this site. One final thing about email address for business... It will be expected that you would use an email address associated with your business website. There would need to be compelling reason to use a personal email address instead of a company email address (for example, if you are a small business and DON'T HAVE a web domain).

Following Steps 1 and 2, you will now have a VENDOR Account. At this point, you will be asked to log in to your newly created account to continue adding information about your business.

Step 3 is all about getting the location of your business. The first question will ask whether your business is at a Physical Location, Online, or both.

If your business is at a Physical Location, you will be required to enter your address information. If online, your Website URL will be required. And if both, then you would need to supply physical and web addresses.

After completing the 3 steps described above, you will supply the information for your coupons. Separate instructions will be provided when you reach that step. To get started, Click/Tap on the button below.

Click/Tap here to:

create a VENDOR account

Creating Rewards

Define your coupon rewards to encourage valuable customer feedback

This final step will take longer than the previous account-creation steps. You will be asked to provide information for Customer Coupon Rewards, based on how you rate (using a 1 to 5 Star rating system) each of your customers' reviews. If you need a reminder on why Star Ratings make sense if they come from you, but are not so valuable coming from the customer, expand the "Why Star Ratings?" section below.

Although publicly visible customer Star Ratings are plagued by a long list of problems, the ratings requested of businesses in BizReVu are different because they exist for the Vendor's internal use only. Their sole purpose is to help the Vendor reward detailed, constructive feedback (whether positive or negative) more generously than positive or negative feedback lacking in actionable suggestions or observations.

While there is nothing to prevent you from giving the same reward for ALL of the reviews you receive, in order to encourage customers to provide detailed reviews with concrete, actionable feedback, we recommend that customers producing higher rated reviews receive better rewards than those producing lower rated reviews. In addition to encouraging more valuable customer feedback, different rewards would enable you to track Coupon Redemption Rates, which you may find valuable in your other marketing efforts.

Any time you create or edit your Coupon Rewards, you will be able to return to this instruction page by clicking on the REVIEW REWARDS INSTRUCTIONS button.

To define a Coupon Reward, simply click on the Edit ⭐ # Star Reward button corresponding to the appropriate Star level. At right, the EDIT ⭐ 1 STAR REWARD section has been opened. Only two fields are required for each Reward... the REWARD DESCRIPTION and the REWARD CODE. The Description field should be clear enough... what is the Coupon for? The Code can be any alphanumeric value. Although essential for online transactions and a nice backup for barcodes during in-person transactions, even if you do not intend to use them, enter something.

Scrolling down, you will see some Optional fields. Although an Expiration Date is REQUIRED for every coupon, your input is optional. The default Expiration Date is set to 60-days from the issuance of the Coupon. Optionally, you can change this from 60-days to 30, 90, 180, or 365 days. The last field gives you the option to upload a barcode or QR-code for optical scanning systems.

After defining Rewards for each of the star rating levels... Using the REVIEW RATING DEADLINE button, you can determine how much time you would like to give yourself to rate a review before a coupon will be automatically issued to the customer based on the customer's previous review ratings. The default value for this field is 24-hours from the time of the Review. But you can optionally change this to 48 or 72 hours, if you like a bit more time to read and determine the value of that specific customer feedback.

And finally, if your legal department requires you to add some fine print to your coupons, click on the COUPON FINE PRINT button to add up to 1000 characters.

When all of your Coupon Rewards have been defined, your business will be discoverable when Customers search for it. We suggest that you encourage Customers to use BizReVu as their main source for offering feedback. We have some tips for spreading the word about BizReVu on our SOCIAL/IRL page. And go to our HELP page for video tutorials that will step you through this whole account creation process. When you are ready to Create or Edit your Rewards, click on the button below.

Tap/Click here to create/edit REWARDS

Demo Videos

Would you like for us to create additional demo videos? If so, send us your suggestions. We'll create them and post them on this HELP page.
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